Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Featured Oil Paintings

My Oil paintings are strongly inspired by the figure and the beauty it has. I also love capturing portraits and emotions. My influences are Odd Nerdrum, Lucian Freud, Michael Hussar, Malcom T. Leipke, Shawn Barber to name a few...

"Old Man In Boat" 30"x 30"

"She Dreams In Red" 20"x 24" SOLD

"Haven" 18"x 20"

"Oblivion" 18"x 20" Sold

"Rosefever" 18"x 20"

"Refuge" 18"x 20" SOLD

"Mosh" 18"x 20" sold

"Nicholas" 24" x 36" oil on canvas

Doe Deere 20" x 24"

"Woodland Creatures" Triptych detail :

Maisynn 16"x 20" sold

Artoinette 11"x16"

Gilda 18"x20"

"Hannah" pastel on paper

Figure Study Asian Man. 18"x 20"

Master Study: Lucian Freud 8"x 11"

Figure Study Young Girl 18"x 20"

Figure Study Old Woman 18"x 20"

"Saturine" 18"x 20" SOLD

"Scar" 18"x 20"

Jennifer 22" x 30"

Nineteen 24" x 36"

Untitled Figure Study

"Live at Red 7" 18"x 20"

"Goddess" 18"x20" Sold

Nico 11"x16" SOLD

Lila 16"x20"

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*All Paintings Copyright Natalie Sharar.